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1520-403 Primary Roamer

Roamer for students 7 – 9 years old

Primary Roamer is the third step in developing coding skills. Students can give speed, volume and power different values.  This gently introduces the important mathematical idea of a variable.  You can also introduce Procedures: a basic idea of computing and problem solving.  The Input and Output features add to the range of applications suitable for this age group.   Importantly, Roamer does this in a way that meets the student’s immediate needs while building a foundation for their future studies.




Price: £109.00

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1521-801 A Guide to Using Floor Robots

Written by teacher Andy Lakin-Hall.  This helpful guide is divided into 3 sections, Robot Basics, Lesson Plans, Resources with 11 pages of advice and over 32 lessons all tied in to the National Curriculum. Useful for the full Primary age range and all varieties of Roamer.


Price: £29.95

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