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1526-117 Robot Rally Race

Exciting Race Activity Develops Maths Skills

We designed this mat for the Robot Rally Race, but you can use it with other activities.  In the Robot Rally Race students gather data, which they use to create and test a theory.  They engage the scientific method and apply mathematics to solve a problem.  The activity excites the students and makes them eager to find a winner.

This 1m square Poster Mat works with the Clear Protective Surface Mat.  We avoid the colours fading by printing the mat on sun resistant 120g paper. 

Note to UK Schools: A fixed delivery cost of £6.95 plus VAT will be added to your invoice. You can order multiple Mats for the same delivery cost.  Order all 3 Picture Mats at the same time for a single delivery cost of £6.95 save £13.90 on delivery.


Price: £18.00

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