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1520-401 Early Years Roamer

Roamer for students 3 to 5 years old

This is the simplest of the standard Roamers. It uses counting to determine the number of moves to make or how long to wait.  It turns in quarter turns.  It also has four user keys that the teacher can set up.  So for example if you are doing project about dogs, you can add a dog bark to the Roamer’s capability.


Price: £109.00

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1521-800 Nursery Rhyme Activity Pack

 Integrating into Traditional Activities

First created for the Classic Roamer these 12 Activities have proven popular for over a decade.  They show how Roamer adds value to normal school work.  The Pack includes well-known rhymes like Mary had a Little Lamb; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Three Blind Mice.  The tasks help students understand the meaning of the words and their sequence.  It does this in a way that tacitly helps them develop mathematical and coding skills.  The package comes with worksheets.


Price: £15.00

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