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1522-101 Early Years Keypad

For Students 3 to 5 years old

The key idea behind the Roamer design is that you can create a robot to meet specific needs.  Changing the Keypad is a quick way of doing this.  If you need to keep changing to a Early Years Roamer you will find this Keypad useful.  It means you can share the Roamer with pupils in different age groups.



Price: £35.00

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1521-800 Nursery Rhyme Activity Pack

 Integrating into Traditional Activities

First created for the Classic Roamer these 12 Activities have proven popular for over a decade.  They show how Roamer adds value to normal school work.  The Pack includes well-known rhymes like Mary had a Little Lamb; One, Two, Buckle My Shoe and Three Blind Mice.  The tasks help students understand the meaning of the words and their sequence.  It does this in a way that tacitly helps them develop mathematical and coding skills.  The package comes with worksheets.


Price: £15.00

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1526-108 A0 Drawing Mats

Bigger Mats for Bigger Pictures

Just like the other drawing mats, but bigger.

This white plastic sheet is the perfect surface for Roamer drawings.  Simply tear off a sheet, lay  it flat on a table and let your Roamer program do its stuff.  Wipe clean and reuse.  The pack contains 10 A0 (841mm x 1189mm) sheets.  Multiple sheets allow you to display work before deciding to reuse.

Note to UK Schools: This product has a fixed courier cost of £6.95 plus VAT for Mainland UK addresses.  For other locations please apply for quote.  You can order multiple Mats for the same delivery cost.


Price: £59.99

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