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1522-110 Intelligent Charger

You charge the 6 batteries in the Roamer Power Pack in an external charger.  If during a lesson you find Roamer’s batteries are flat, you can quickly replace them with a fully charged set and the lesson continues.  You cannot do this if you recharge the batteries onboard the robot.  To fast charge the batteries safely or leave them on charge overnight, the charger needs to adjust how it charges.  This intelligent action will help your batteries stay in top condition longer.  If you follow Valiant’s recommended charging regime you can keep 5 Roamer Power Packs with one charger.


Price: £30.00

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1522-108 Roamer Power Pack

Tested to Get the Best Results with Roamer

This pack contains 6 high-capacity rechargeable batteries – enough for one Roamer. Tested in Roamer these batteries meet out performance standards.  You can leave these batteries discharged without damage.  In normal classroom use a fully charged good condition batteries should last about one week before they need recharging


Price: £27.00

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