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1522-100 Blank Keypad

You can use the Blank Keypad  with Activity Behaviours. It allows you to keep your Standard Roamers untouched.   You might find it convenient to use them to create a library of Activity Behaviours that you use regularly.  Setting up the Roamer Activity is then simply a matter of changing Keypad.



Price: £30.00

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1522-121 Roamer Bluetooth Module

Make Your Roamer Wireless

The Bluetooth Module links Roamer to computers, tablets and mobile phones. You can quickly set up multiple Roamers for different tasks.  It makes Roamer part of a connected world, rich in educational opportunity.  For example, you can program the robot on the computer.  Students can make their Roamer talk to their friend’s robot.  Or perhaps Roamer can explore an alien world and tell “mission control” what it finds.

Technical Specification: The Roamer Bluetooth Module is a BTLE device (Bluetooth Low Energy also called BT4.0).  The latest mobile technologies come with this built-in.  Older computers use Classic Bluetooth (Bluetooth 2.0).  If your computer has this technology, then you will need a Bluetooth Dongle to work with Roamer. 

Introductory Special offer applies to all orders placed before 31st December 2015.


Normal Price: £29.00

Special Offer Price: £25.00

You save: £4.00

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1522-108 Roamer Power Pack

Tested to Get the Best Results with Roamer

This pack contains 6 high-capacity rechargeable batteries – enough for one Roamer. Tested in Roamer these batteries meet out performance standards.  You can leave these batteries discharged without damage.  In normal classroom use a fully charged good condition batteries should last about one week before they need recharging


Price: £27.00

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