Roamer – Discovery at Every Turn

Save Over £60

For ages 7 - 11

This is the same as the Primary Value Pack, but with the solitary Computer Interface replaced with 5 Roamer Bluetooth Modules and a Bluetooth Dongle.  A complete pack of Roamers and resources specially selected for Junior Schools. Providing 5 Junior Roamers plus extra keypads for the younger/less able pupils. Curriculum materials provide 32 lessons plus a range of mats and batteries and chargers.  This is a fixed delivery cost of £20.

Each pack contains:

5Junior Roamers
2Primary Keypads
 Curriculum Materials
5Roamer Power Packs
1Intelligent Charger
2Number Lines
2Clear Grid Mats
2Pen Packs
1Pack of Roamer Instruction Cards
5Roamer Bluetooth Modules
1Bluetooth Dongle

Price: £1,075.00

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