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Economic Way to Get All Standard Roamers

You can set up Roamer in different ways to meet your specific needs.  You can do this by simply swapping keypads, or you can use this CD.  Swapping keypads is the quicker method.  The CD approach is cheaper.  The CD contains all four Standard Behaviours. You simply choose the Behaviour you want and send to the keypad. Next you change the keypad graphic.  If you need to change often, then you should use the keypad method.  If you don’t, then the CD is your best buy.  The CD gives you Behaviours for the Early Years, Infant K1, Primary and Junior Roamers.

Note: Joining the (Roamer User Group) allows you to print out free Keypad Graphics.  You need either the Bluetooth Module or the Computer Interface to change a set up.  Despite this cost the CD-option is the best buy.


Price: £15.00

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