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Roamer and the Number Line - a Potent Combination

We pioneered work with robots and number lines.  You will find plenty of Activities in the Library and in the curriculum packs.   Together Roamer and Number Lines provide students with models of arithmetic.  For example older pupils might learn a rote rule like, “Two minuses are a plus”.  If they use Roamer to explore a Number Line they focus on key mathematical ideas: what is a negative number; what is a positive number; what does subtraction look like. Instead of learning a rote rule they gain a visual, spatial and kinaesthetic understanding.

On one side Number Line has 11 squares numbered 0 to 10.  The other side has numbers 0 to -10.  If you put two together you get a -10 to 10 line.  The Line provides Roamer with a durable nonslip running surface. Forward 1 moves Roamer to the next square.


Price: £32.00

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