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Valiant Technology’s work with educational robots spans 30 years.  That is longer than anyone else in the world.  In that time we have worked with thousands of teachers.  With them we invented most of the standard educational robot activities used today.   Our research effort continues finding new ways to use the technology. We provide you with a library full of free activities.  We also offer you these packs and books to buy.   These give you a core of activities that you can enrich with free projects.


General Curriculum Packs

Each pack contains 30 cross curricular activities focused on STEM and English.

Roamer Forward Key

Year 1 (5 to 6 Years Old)
Year 2 (6 to 7 Years Old)
Years 3 (7 to 8 Years Old)

Coding Packs

The Coding Packs helps students to develop coding skills.  Each pack contains 10 activities.  They cover key parts of the computing curriculum and other subjects like maths and science.  A pack introduces an idea, then builds and extends it.  We apply the same policy pack to pack.  The tasks also focus on the growth of a student’s computational thinking ability.  Roamer is a direct way to learn the basics of coding.  You can program Roamer using Scratch.  This offers a clear way of programming a physical object to programming on a computer.

Work Cards

These Work Cards were all developed for the Classic Roamer.  They still work with the new Roamer.  All the packs focus on maths.  Each pack has 3 themes, with 4 activities: twelve cards in total.  The first two cards of a theme introduces an idea and then reinforces it.  The last two cards use the idea and extend it.  All the packs come with teachers notes and links to curriculum.  While stocks last you can take advantage of these significantly reduced prices.

Angles Work

Roamer Activity on Angles

Problem Solving Work

Roamer Problem Solving Activities

Negative Number Work Cards

Product Image

Shape Work Cards
Pack 1

Roamer Work Cards Shape 1

Shape Work Cards
Pack 2

Roamer Workcards Shape 2

Bumper Work Card Pack

Problem Solving Roamer Activities

Estimation Workcards

Product Image

Product Title

Product Image

Product Title

Product Image


A miscellany of books.  Some are activity books and some support understanding of the educational ideas behind educational robots like Roamer.



Inventa Book of Mechanisms
Roamer, Valiant Technology
Inventa Book of Structures
Roamer, Valiant Technology


Both Inventa Books
Roamer, Valiant Technology, Educational Robotics
Food and Agriculture Books
Food and Agriculture


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