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Make Your Robot Wireless

The advantage of the modular nature of Roamer is that you do not need to buy new robots for every innovation – you simply increase Roamer’s capability.   You can now make Roamer’s communication with the computer or mobile technologies wireless.  And if you have already have a Computer Interface Lead, we are happy to give you a trade in discount.

The Roamer Bluetooth Module is the latest Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) specification specifically designed to work with mobile devices without rapidly draining their battery power.  If you have older technology with Classic Bluetooth you can purchase a Dongle to upgrade your computer.

Trade in Offer

Place an order for the Roamer Blue Tooth Module.  Mark your order Bluetooth Computer Interface Trade in offer.  Post your Computer Interface to us to get you 50% Trade in price discount.  Offer valid for orders place before ist November 2015.

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